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Juralco Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When are roof walkways required?

A. On a site where there is a requirement for safe access to rooftop plant and equipment.

Q. What tools and equipment will I need to install the Juralco systems?

A. Only basic tools are needed to fabricate our systems.  Really the only tools that you will need in most cases are; a drill, drill bits, pop rivet gun, drop saw with an aluminium cutting blade, socket and wrench set (for Guardsafe).  As for the installation a lot of this is assembled on site but a crane may need to be allowed for to lift material packs up onto the site.

Q. What standard does the Juralco products meet?

A. The Juralco Walkmaster™ and Guardsafe™ systems are designed and tested to meet the relevant requirements of AS1657-1992 and when installed in accordance with the Juralco technical data sheets meet various statutory Codes of Practice.

Q. When do I need to use 'cleats' on the walkway?

A. Cleats will be required where the walkway is to be inclined between 7º and 20º degrees of slope as stated in AS1657-1992.

Q. Can the roof walkways be fixed without penetrating the roof sheet?

A. Yes, Juralco have a non-penetrative fixing method for Klip-Lok and for Longline type profiles.  The system has also been installed on other profiles in recent times using either a 3M double sided industrial tape or Sika industrial gluing products.

Q. Does Juralco has a roof walkway system for fibre cement or 'Super 6' roof sheeting?

A. Yes, Juralco do have a system and installation data for fibre cement roofs.  Please refer to the technical data sheets WFC series.

Q. Do I need handrails with the walkway?

A. This will depend on a number of factors like; the risk assessment for the site, the hierarchy of control and the local Workcover Authority requirements in your state.

Q. Can a handrail system be added to the system at a later stage?

A. Yes, the handrails can be added on at a later date as a stand-alone system but it will work out cheaper for both materials and labour to install both at the same time.

Q. When do the walkways require leveling up on a roof?

A. The current Australian Standard is not clear on this point but Juralco recommend that the walkways be leveled up when the roof pitch gets above 5º slope when traversing across the pitch of the roof.

Q. What angle can a stair be?

A. A stairway must be between 26.5º and 45º of slope but you will also need to consider the rise and going of the step, which can affect the angle, the stair will finally be installed at.  Please refer to AS1657-1992 Section 4 Stairways.